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Lead Generation With Facebook Ads Video Course

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The Facebook Leads Course will take you step by step through our checklists on how to generate leads on Facebook. By the end of this course, you are going to be able to run leads on Facebook and through messenger marketing. We will share how to develop a strategy on Facebook, how to gain access to your customer’s accounts, how we qualify customers, and how much to charge them. This course will cover the most common mistakes people make so you don’t make the same ones.

We will show you how to generate more traffic and more customers to your site. You are going to learn how much a lead is actually worth to your business. We will share with you optimization principles that will teach you how to cut down your cost per lead by up to 60%.

We are excited to share our proven methods driven by checklists with you. See you inside!


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Why generating leads is a hot skill in the market

  • 1. Why Lead Generation Is Important To Businesses (3:29)
  • 2. Understanding The Market (5:29)
  • 3. The Challenge Of Driving Consistent, Qualified Traffic (3:57)
  • 4. There Are Many Ways To Drive Leads. (2:00)
  • 5. The Framework Of Lead Generation (2:17)
  • Quiz: Why generating leads is a hot skill in the market


What’s a Lead worth?

  • 6. The Value Of A Lead Depends On The Business (7:26)
  • 7. Positioning Your Services (4;12)
  • Quiz: What’s a Lead worth?


Driving leads with a chatbot

  • 8. Why Chatbots Are Effective (3:04)
  • 9. How To Set Up A Chatbot For Your Client (10:04)
  • 10. Growing A High-Quality Messenger List (6:19)
  • 11. Tracking Success With Your Chatbot (7:55)
  • 12. Building A Loyal Fanbase (4:31)
  • Quiz: Driving leads with a chatbot


Driving leads natively on Facebook

  • 13. An Introduction To Lead Forms And Facebook Canvas(6:01)
  • 14. How To Set Up Lead Forms (5:29)
  • 15. How To Set Up Facebook Canvas (4:23)
  • 16. Driving Traffic To A Landing Page (10:18)
  • 17. Retargeting Lead Generation Audiences (12:10)
  • 18. Monitoring The Success Of Your Lead Generation Campaigns.(9:22)
  • Quiz: Driving leads natively on Facebook


How to drive high quality traffic

  • 19. How Do You Define A Good Lead (4:21)
  • 20. How to use Attributes with your Chatbot (7:14)
  • 21. Filtering Traffic With Attributes In Messenger.(5:42)
  • Quiz: How to drive high quality traffic


Tracking and adding value

  • 22. How To Track Lead Completions (16:26)
  • 23. Optimizing Your Lead Campaigns (13:44)
  • 24. Have Something To Offer (7:27)
  • 25. How Leads Upsell To Future Sales. (5:16)
  • Quiz: Tracking and adding value


How to be an all-star freelancer

  • 26. Knowing Your Clients and Their Pain Points (4:26)
  • 27. Delivering Through A Painless Process.(7:53)
  • 28. Checklists – A Map To Driving Results (4:12)
  • 29. Troubleshooting – When Things Go Wrong, Since They Do (3:51)
  • Quiz: How to be an all-star freelancer



  • 30. Conclusion (5:11)


Final Quiz

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